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Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

National Asset Management (NAM) offers Separately Managed Accounts through several sources.

First what is a SMA? When appropriate to your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and the amount of your investable assets, your financial advisor may recommend that an institutional investment manager design a portfolio of stocks in a manner that is in line with your investment objective and risk tolerance. Your funds will be held at National Financial Services, Pershing, or Foliofn, Inc. (your financial advisor and you will determine which program and custodian may best suit your situation).

The assigned investment manager will have limited access to your account in order to perform trades and to implement the portfolio of securities recommended. Your account is reviewed and monitored by an assigned investment manager who has expertise in the particular strategy recommended by your Investment Advisor Representative and accepted by you.

Selected investment managers are assembled through a search and due diligence process by institutions with expertise in this field. NAM currently uses three such institutions: Envestnet Asset Management, Concord Wealth Management, and Summit Alliance Capital Management.

We are proud of our strategic partners and believe we have assembled a unique, versatile, powerful, and comprehensive program for our Investment Advisor Representatives and their clients.

Please ask your Investment Advisor Representative if SMA is appropriate for you.

Call 1-800-742-7730 for more information.

Please contact your investment advisor representative or National Asset Management at 1-800-742-7730 for the firm's disclosure brochure.

National Asset Management is not affiliated with Envestnet Asset Management, Concord Wealth Management, or Summit Alliace Capital Managment.