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Understanding The Goals

Your profile serves as the foundation for an investment strategy designed to suit your specific needs and preferences.

NAM begins by analyzing your financial requirements and goals. What are your basic investment objectives? What are your personal preferences with respect to risk-taking and yield? How does your overall financial situation present itself? The answers to these fundamental questions provide the foundation for professionally managing your investment goals.


What rate of return do you expect? Are you looking for a regular flow of income generated, for example, by interest earnings on bonds? How are tax issues best taken into account in your investment strategy?

Time Horizon

What proportion of your wealth should be invested for the short term, the medium term, or the long term? The longer your time horizon, the less concerned you may need to be about price fluctuations. A longer time horizon usually increases the likelihood of higher returns over the longer term, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Your portfolio may be exposed to more or less fluctuation depending on the strategy you choose. These market movements can occasionally produce a negative return for a given year. It is crucial to discover what short-term or medium-term swings you can tolerate in order to achieve your investment goals. The higher the risk you are able to bear, the higher your targeted return will normally be, but this cannot be guaranteed.

After analyzing your requirements we work together with you to define an investment strategy that is tailored to your specific situation. Our investment approach does not begin with numbers and pie charts, but with a careful assessment of each client's individual needs and aspirations.